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Gingi Beauty & Lifestyle Products

Wine, Women & Wow Network is now a Distributor for Gingi!!!

Gingi Beauty and Lifestyle Products is a brand-new collection created by Dr. Ginger Lai, an accomplished business entrepreneur and international artist.  Her artwork is shown in museums and galleries all over the world.  Gingi has been included in the official partner's gifts for Academy Awards, Emmys and Grammys for several years.

Following the success of all her all-natural skin care line, she developed a new, all-natural cosmetics line including -- a set of three lipsticks and a mineral-based pressed powder.  Dr. Lai's artwork inspires everything from packaging to the colors and products themselves.  She looks to launch additional art-inspired products in the coming year including clothing and accessories.

Dr. Ginger Lai is a member of the Wine, Women & Wow Network.