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Networking, Events, Speakers, Wine & Travel

Networking, Events, Speakers, Wine & Travel

Networking, Events, Speakers, Wine & TravelNetworking, Events, Speakers, Wine & Travel

Speaker Stories

Rachelle Fender - Philanthropist, "Doing Well by Doing Good"


From innovative entrepreneurs to 

NY Times best-selling authors, she has spent years working with thought leaders and some of the most brilliant business minds, "Why giving MUST be a part of your everyday life and career design". 

Peggy Kelley - "Timeless Celebrations" Magical Events


 A True Hero's Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur...What's "Love" Got to Do with It?"

What happens when a long standing event professional walks down the aisle to say "I Do" only to find out her new husband wants her to?...

Michael Calderon, Better Known as Mr. Pasadena


Michael Calderon, known as "Mr. Pasadena",  will be also joining us and giving us the scoop on what is happening in Pasadena.  From the famous Tournament of Roses to the newest local hot spots in and around our home town.

Elida Tsou - A True Inspiration Leading us to viaONEHOPE Wine


An entrepreneur, Elida is CEO & Founder of Elida Designs Jewelry.   She is a Founding Leader of VIAONEHOPE Wine, winner of #1 Rising Star award in the DSA and #1 in production in the USA and a VIP Founding Member of Estate 8. 

Teej Mercer -Chief Noisemaker, Keynote Speaker & Author


 Chief NoiseMaker of Media Mavericks Academy. When you know you’re the solution to someone’s problem or the answer to someone’s prayer, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to MAKE SOME NOISE!  Teej Mercer's genius can help you do just that!  

Hillary Gadsby - Renaissance Woman and "Jill of all Trades"


  Hillary founded "A Gadsby Affair", which focuses on strategic marketing and branding solutions for companies. She is also the founder of  Stiletto Gal, which is  a national premium media company. and relevant global community for women leaders.

Shanna Foresttall - "Shanna from Louisiana" - Now in Pasadena


June, 2017-  Shanna Forrestall, provides private consulting and a range of services. Her primary services include social media setup, cleanup and providing content strategy, customized advertising and an array of marketing assets.

Otono Lujan - Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist, SEO Traffic


 June 2017 - Entrepreneur and marketing strategist who has founded and run multiple business ventures. His expertise is in driving online traffic to websites and working with business owners to capitalize on and convert that traffic. 

Sonja Warfield - Author, "Get Your Butt Off My Couch"


 Sonja is the author of the hilarious, empowering and inspiring book: "Get Your Butt Off My Couch And Your Hand Outta My Wallet", a woman’s guide to getting rid of her deadbeat husband or boyfriend. She is also a stand-up comedian.

Meg Haworth, Ph.D,- Author, Wellness Coach & Celebrity Chef


When the lightning hit her, so did the inspiration for living a life of service to help others heal themselves with food and the power of the mind.  She has  two decades of experience as a doctor of Transpersonal Psychology and a Celebrity Chef to Hollywood.

Winn Claybaugh, Co- Founder & Dean of Paul Mitchell's Schools


Winn Claybaugh is the author of "Be Nice (Or Else!), and "one of the best motivational speakers in the country,” according to CNN’s Larry King. A national speaker for major corporations and a business owner for more than 30 years.  

Kim Somers Egelsee - Author of "Living the 10+ Plus Life", Speaker


Join # 1 best selling author, speaker and confidence coach to learn the 7 blocks to what you really want and how to break through them. Would you love to be happy, flowing, filled with fulfillment, on purpose and free of self limitations? 

Meg Haworth, Ph.D,- Author, Wellness Coach & Celebrity Chef



Helping Women Abuse Survivors Heal Their Histories and Their Health with Food and The Power of The Mind

Galit Ventura Rozen - "The Successful Woman's Mindset"


Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to be successful? Do you think it is just the tools or do you recognize it is also having the mindset? It is a mix of both. Galit will be covering the steps every woman must know and live to have a successful mindset.  

Deborah Peters, Business Accelerator @NEI4Change Neuro


Deborah  led a Trade Mission of investors across continents and Coached business leaders in 16 countries and has often been the ONLY woman in the room! This Shift is in play globally where “Women in Business are Creating The Possibilities of Tomorrow TODAY”.

Susie Augustin, Author of "Sexy, Fit & Fab... at ANY Age"


January, 2017  - Wine, Women & Wow kicked off the new year with our first monthly networking event at the Women's City Club of Pasadena. We featured guest speaker Susie Augustin, author of "Sexy, Fit & Fab at ANY age".  

Christine Simmons, President & COO of the LA Sparks


February, 2017 - We did it again! The Wine, Women & Wow Network continued kicking off the new year with our monthly networking event at the Women's City Club of Pasadena, with Christine Simmons, President & COO, LA Sparks. 

Adam iMOB Flores - Speaker, "The Art of Social Influence"


March, 2017 - Adam iMOB Flores joined us in Pasadena to share his latest project, "The Art of Social Influence", The Seven Strategies Leaders Use to Grow Their Impact and Influence Online. Adam "Wowed" our audience!

Tanishia Harris - Author and Known as the "Open Up Coach"


March, 2017 - It was such a pleasure having guest speaker Tanishia Harris, the "Open Up Coach", come spend some time with the Wine, Women & Wow Network!  Tanishia is the author of "Open-Up! Six Steps to Get Unstuck and Move Forward".  

Jennifer Shultz "Transforming Lives From the Outside In"


April, 2017 -  Creating your signature look with the latest trends, classics and style advise.  Also, shespoke about "Embracing Your Shape" - the five different body types. :There is no such thing as perfection but we can all be women of Excellence".

Kathy Buckley, 5 Time American Comedy Awards Nominee


May, 2017 - Kathy is an inspiration! Sharing her unique life experiences, she inspires laughter, breaks down barriers, and empowers change. No matter the audience, Kathy's message will touch each and every person.  Actress, Writer, Producer, Author..

Kim Coles - "Restore, Reshape & Reclaim Your True Self"


This presentation is a refreshing and candid approach to reclaiming your true self.  Kim Coles peels back the layers of fame and shares how even as an actress, comedian and author, has her share of challenging life moments. 

Annie & Vince Perez - Owners of Cruise Planners & Travel Experts


 Travel Experts, Vince & Annie Perez of Cruise Planners, will tell us all about our "Wine, Women & Wow Wine Cruise" up the California Coast already scheduled for Fall of 2019. This will be our second annual cruise!!! 

Georgia Zachary - Keynote Speaker, "Finding Your Passion"


 Georgia is a pillar in the community gracing the cover of Women Lead Magazine and in the Huffington Post. Georgia believes in the power of networking and mentoring".   Recipient of several Presidential Volunteer Service Awards.  

Brenda B. Smith, L.Ac. - Pasadena Breast Wellness


 Author of "Mammograms Do Not Prevent Breast Cancer", Brenda B. Smith is a Licensed Acupuncturist and, the Director of the Pasadena Breast Wellness Center.  She believes prevention is the key that can and, will reduce breast cancers in America. Brenda speakes throughout So Cal.

Micaela Angela Pesseri - Emotional Intelligence Coach


 Everything is Just a Conversation Away: How to have perfect relationships with everyone. Understanding how to manage emotions is an important skill as it helps us navigate the ever changing landscape of relationships, work and inner relating. 

 "Love You Revolution"

Dee Dee Foster - Professional Singer, Song Writer & Entertainer


Dee Dee Foster entertained us at our Second Annual Holiday Party by singing a variety of Christmas carols. She is a Christ follower, mommy, singer, encourager.️ Be sure to stream my current CD “The Light” 

"My music has soul. Let my songs take you on a journey, one of healing and inspiration".